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On an ongoing basis, the National Association for Black Veterans, Inc. (NABVETS) will provide strategic advocacy on behalf of its membership with Congress and the federal administration; state administrations; county and city legislators; and other agencies and organizations.

NABVETS will provide personal advocacy on behalf of veterans seeking claims against the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and will foster community development by creating positive lifestyles for veterans and their families. NABVETS will generate and preserve the historical record for minority veterans.

NABVETS is a professional organization with a vision:

*To reach 50 percent of the national Black veteran population as its membership base.
*To establish State Departments and Command Councils in every state and in every city with a population exceeding 250,000.
*To reach younger veterans who are on active duty or who have recently separated from the military.
*To serve ALL veterans,  but especially low-income veterans.
*To obtain financial viability (generate sufficient income to meet all of NABVETS’ needs).

VA updates

  1. Can the VA Reduce Your Disability Benefits? What You Need to Know About a Reexamination Notice
  2. How to Apply for a Discharge Upgrade
  3. Disability rating schedules for genitourinary and cardiovascular systems


Imagine losing $1,000 a month, $12,000 a year and $60,000 over a 5-year period ($120,000.00 if you push it to 10 years).  That is what’s happening to many of our Veterans because they don’t take the time to do the paperwork to file their claims or they don’t follow through to the end of the process. They may even think they are not eligible for disability.  That’s why the NABVETS are here; and our services are FREE.

Brothers and Sisters, go to your meetings to find out more about disability inquiries.  Support your chapters with your membership dues and attendance,  and bring a friend.  Just as you were helped because your chapter had the money to assist you, help your chapter stay strong to assist other Veterans.  We are stronger together.  Come join us.  Be a part of making the NABVETS a better and stronger organization.  Let’s change the world starting with us.   NABVETS VSOs provide free services to qualify veterans. 

Commander Connie McLauchlin
NABVETS Chapter #0014, Fayetteville, NC

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