The NABVETS Fayetteville Chapter #0014, is organized to foster the intellectual, economic, socio-cultural, collective good, and wellbeing of all veterans in general and Blacks, and other minority veterans in particular. It seeks to promote unity, in our community, through community activism, provide leadership and mentorship that encompasses the entire community, in particular our active duty, retired veterans and their families. In addition, we are to secure, expand, and safeguard the rights and privileges of all veterans granted by the United States of America and the States. It will assist veterans and their widows/widowers, orphans, and their families as they strive to obtain legitimate benefits pertaining to health care, rehabilitation, employment, housing, education, transportation, and economic assistance, among other services.

It will work to broaden the range of monuments that honor the sacrifices and memories of all veterans. It will also restore and maintain those veteran cemeteries that have been forgotten in honor of those who have given their lives and those who have been buried in all Veteran Memorial Cemeteries.

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